Want to Write Copy That Sells?  Don’t ‘Sell’ Savings.

Here’s something you should know. Asking your customers to directly compare prices with your competitors in your copy is a bad idea, even if you are much cheaper. Research has shown over and over again that copywriting that sells ‘time’ is much more effective (for most businesses) than selling savings. People don’t want cheap, they want quality.

Copy That Sells Time

Ultimately, time is a more scarce resource. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever, and therefore it’s more meaningful to us than money. Referring to time typically leads to more favourable attitudes to your brand, and to more purchases.

However, be wary of going on too much about saving time, as pretty much every business in the world could use this exact same message in their copywriting. It’s essentially a rather lazy message. In fact, the most overused marketing message ever is ‘Save Time and Money.’ You don’t want to be that person.

Copywriting that Sells Exceptional Service

Customers are willing to pay more for exceptional service. They will be willing to pay your prices if you speak to them in a way that shows that you share the same values. It helps you speak to what really matters to your buyer, and that’s their time, worries, and objectives. This comes across as far more genuine, and is far more effective, than trying to makes sales based on your cheap-as-chips prices.

Truly great sales copy paints a clear picture of what your brand has to offer for prospective clients. It should tell your audience how your product or service will solve their problems or calm their fears.

Find out what matters to your clients. What are their values, objectives and concerns? Write about that in your copy, not how much cheaper you are than Joe Bloggs down the road. Far more effective, and you don’t come across as a Selly Sally.

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