Email copywriting services

The digital landscape is saturated, and every day, inboxes are bombarded with countless promotions, offers, and newsletters.

To truly stand out and resonate with your audience, you need more than just a well-written email.

You need strategic, tailored copy that not only captures attention but also drives action.

With the right expertise, you can turn your email marketing from a shot in the dark to a powerful tool that delivers real results.

I’m an experienced freelance copywriter who knows how to write eshots that actually get opened and get your message across.

If you need straightforward, engaging email content with a clear call to action, I’m here to help.

Why should I send eshots?

Sending eshots is something that many business owners overlook in their marketing plans. Generally, this is because we all know how annoying spam emails can be.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to tarnish your business’ reputation with that brush.

However, as long as you’re using your own company’s database of prospects and customers, and you don’t send more than a couple of eshots a month, there’s nothing spammy about it.

You’ll be providing your customers with regular correspondence that they have signed up to receive. Additionally, you will ensure that your business is the first that comes to mind when they require your products or services.


What benefits can eshots bring to your business?

Obtaining feedback

Obtaining feedback is vital if you want your clients to continue to engage with, interact with, and purchase from your brand.

Eshots can help you do this in many ways. For instance, you could keep a track of how many clicks to your website come from each email, allowing you to optimise future content. You could also send eshots containing customer satisfaction surveys to obtain feedback, allowing you to improve customer experience.

Keep in touch

Eshots are a cost effective way of maintaining regular communication with your customers.

They allow you to create bespoke content that is personalised to individual groups within your audience. For instance, perhaps you want to send one type of marketing email to returning customers and a different eshot to first time clients.

Improve leads and sales

Eshots featuring products or services can deliver special offers to your customers or even encourage them to purchase after abandoning their cart.

Your eshots can be sent to an audience that’s more likely to buy from you, as they will have opted in to receive your messages and updates.

Additionally, you can use eshots to automate part of your sales process. For example, you could follow up a purchase for asking for feedback. This can help to further increase your sales.

Get in touch

If you’d like to hire me as an email copywriter for your business, please get in touch today.

You can either give me a call 07821 873861 or send me a message using my online contact form. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

In addition to writing eshots, I also write SEO web copy, blogs, promotional material, social media, case studies and much more.