Copywriter for Beauty & Aesthetics

Do you need a copywriter with experience of writing for the beauty and aesthetic industry? This is an area that I have a great deal of experience in, having written content for multiple local beauticians, aesthetic clinics and cosmetic companies.

Below, I’ll discuss a client that I’ve worked with for several years – House of Astley.

What was needed?

House of Astley are a cosmetic and perfume company based in Chorley, Lancashire. They needed a copywriter with experience in writing for the beauty industry, to write engaging content for their website. They wanted to attract more web traffic and to increase their sales conversions.

What did I do?

I wrote many product descriptions for designer perfumes and hairbrushes, as well as regular blog posts and new page content over the course of several years. I wrote extra blog posts around special occasions, such as Christmas and Mother’s Day, suggesting fragrances that would make great gifts.

What were the results?

House of Astley were my very first client. They were so happy with my copywriting and the results that it provided for their business that they recommended me to many of their associates, which is how my business started to grow.

Need a copywriter with experience in the beauty industry?

If you need an experienced copywriter for beauty, cosmetics or aesthetic services, get in touch today by using my online contact form and I’ll get back to you shortly.