Legal Copywriter

Ever stared at your screen, pondering the best way to convey ‘res judicata’ or ‘quantum meruit’ to your prospective clients without losing their interest?

As a solicitor, your expertise lies in understanding and interpreting the law, not necessarily in translating every detail for laypeople.

I get it – you’re swamped with case files, client meetings, and court appearances. The thought of writing captivating copy for your website might seem overwhelming.

What you need isn’t just any copywriter, but someone who can simplify and deftly weave legal jargon into engaging content that resonates.

Traditional digital marketing agencies might make you feel you’re incurring the costs of a QC for their services. Instead, allow me, a seasoned legal copywriter, to bridge that gap for you, without breaking the bank.

Why do you need a legal copywriter?

In the meticulous world of law, precision isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Every word counts.

Your website is more than just a digital presence; it’s the gateway through which potential clients first interact with you.

A misplaced word or an overlooked nuance can not only be confusing to them, but can potentially lead to negligence claims. Not to mention that anything short of a pristine website can paint an unprofessional image.

When seeking advice on legal matters, clients want clarity, trustworthiness, and expertise.

As an experienced legal copywriter, I translate complex legal jargon into clear, engaging content, ensuring your message is both legally accurate and resonates with your audience.

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Why choose me as your legal copywriter?

Background Matters: My years spent working as a legal secretary gave me hands-on experience with criminal law and civil litigation. I also briefly dipped my toes into the world of debt collection, so I’m familiar with the legalities and procedures here, too.

Genuine Understanding: I’m not just tossing around legal terms; I genuinely understand them. This makes me perfectly placed to communicate their meanings to folks who aren’t well-versed in legal lingo.

Proven Track Record: Over the years, I’ve crafted content for several solicitors, ensuring it’s not just technically sound but also engaging for those seeking legal guidance.

Case Study:

Legal Copywriting for a Solicitor Specialising in Drink and Drug Driving, and Sexual Offences

What was needed?

A legal firm, specialising in cases related to drink and drug driving as well as accusations of sexual offences, realised the need for a robust online presence.

Their website, whilst informative, wasn’t reaching its potential audience because of a lack of SEO-optimised content.

To rank higher on search engines and to connect with those seeking guidance in these specific legal areas, they needed targeted, SEO-driven blog posts and landing pages.

What did I do?

Leveraging my understanding of legal terminologies and SEO best practices, I created regular, informative and engaging blog posts about drink and drug driving laws, penalties, and defence tactics. I also wrote blogs covering the sensitive area of accusations of sexual offences.

All posts were meticulously SEO-optimised to ensure visibility on search engines, whilst simultaneously catering to the emotional and informational needs of readers.

Additionally, I created tailored landing pages for each area of expertise. These pages not only gave a concise overview of the legal services offered, but also incorporated key search terms to boost SEO.

What were the results?

The firm witnessed a substantial uptick in organic web traffic, particularly directed towards the newly crafted blog posts and landing pages.

They noticed that they were receiving higher volume of inquiries from people charged of drink and drug driving offences, as well as from individuals accused of sexual offences, further indicating the content’s reach and impact.

My SEO skills, combined with user-friendly and helpful information, enabled this law firm to stand out in the crowded digital market.

Get in touch to discuss legal copywriting services

Call me on 07821 873 861 for a chat about any legal content you require. I offer a range of freelance copywriting services, including SEO web copy, blog writing, social media content, eshots, newsletters, and much more. Alternatively, send a message using my online contact form and I will aim to respond within 24 hours.

I promise to offer much more than words. I will reflect your firm’s professionalism and values in a manner that truly resonates with your site’s visitors and encourage them to get in touch with you.

Choosing the right words can make all the difference. Let’s make sure yours leave a lasting impression.