As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And in the world of social media, a captivating image can often be the driving force behind an engaging post.

The stats back this up; posts with images have a whopping 650% higher rate of engagement than those that are text-only. A great pic is the perfect way to stop your ideal client in their tracks as they mindlessly scroll through their feed.

It therefore goes without saying that you need images to go alongside your social media posts, no matter how thrilling they may be!

If you’ve arrived on this page, I’m going to assume that you’re sat there scratching your head, facing this exact dilemma.

So, grab a brew and get comfy. I’m going to explore the various reasons why you might be finding it a bit of a challenge to source eye-catching images for your social media, and give you some handy tips on how to deal with this pesky problem.

No eye candy on your social media? How come?

There are many industries whose Insta-worthy products are just begging to be photographed. For example, if you’re an artisanal baker, your mouth-watering pastries will ensure that you’re never short of a decent pic.

However, for other industries, finding these attention-grabbing visuals can be a real struggle. There are many reasons for this common conundrum, including:

social media images
social media ideas

Lack of Visually Appealing Products

Certain businesses offer essential services, but they’re not exactly photogenic. I’m looking at you, roofers.

I’ve written a lot of content for trades over the years and I quite agree; they often don’t lend themselves well to providing enticing, shareable images.

However, a little creativity can still yield some highly engaging content.

Social media image ideas:

Before and After Shots: Decent transformation shots of your work can be highly satisfying and showcase your skills effectively.

Behind the Scenes: Give your followers a glimpse into the hard work that goes into a project. Share social media images of your team at work, demonstrating your commitment to quality.

Tangibility troubles

If your business provides an intangible service rather than a product, you’re likely to find yourself struggling for shareable images.

How do you get a picture of something you can’t see?

images for social media

Social media image ideas

Share Your Top Tips: Place yourself as an expert in your field by sharing your top tips as images.

I recommend checking out Canva to help you with this. It’s an amazing tool for making images for social media, and it’s super easy to use.

Client testimonials: You should try and keep your word count down on social media, as no one wants to read an essay. Popping your latest testimonial in an image will really help with this!

It’ll make your latest glowing review stand out, and people are much more likely to read it.

Confidentiality Concerns

Some industries need to prioritise client confidentiality above all else. This makes it difficult to showcase their work through pictures.

social media confidentiality

Ideas for social media images:

Face-free solutions: If you’re looking for social media images but have concerns regarding client confidentiality, protecting their identities by using silhouettes can be a workaround.

You could also just ask a friend to be photographed with you. No one needs to know that’s not the back of a real client’s head you’ve posted on LinkedIn!

Stats and Infographics: Share statistics or data related to your industry or services as eye-catching images. These can present information in an appealing way, without disclosing specific clients or projects.

No pics, no problem

What to do if you’re still struggling for social media inspiration

If you’re struggling for creative social media post ideas, or you just don’t have the time to schedule regular posts, why not bring in a social media copywriter to handle the heavy lifting for you?

My social media management services are the ideal solution for SME owners who would rather be getting on with running their business than faffing about on Facebook!

I’m a freelance copywriter, and probably a more cost-effective solution for smaller businesses than the majority of digital marketing agencies.

I’ll take the time to understand your brand, voice, and goals, giving a personal touch to your content. And it’s just l’il old me, so you’ll always speak to the same person when you call or email.

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Happy posting!

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