I’ve decided to start popping a few personal blogs on this website, as well as the ones that are more pertinent to copywriting. This one is an oldie but a goodie. Here goes.


Since having children my eyebrows are non-existent.  After the birth of each baby, I had a great deal of hair loss, which left my eyebrows looking very thin and patchy.  Really bloody awful.  I’ve been pencilling them in for ages.  Not in a chav way, just very lightly, in a making myself hopefully not look weird way!


I’m very blonde naturally, so I’ve always been quite wary of having them tinted.  However, having had them done professionally a few times, I decided to be brave and give it a go myself, and the first time it worked great.  I was really pleased, and thought I could definitely save myself a few quid here by continuing to do it myself.  So a couple of weeks ago I got the kit out again.  The babies were having a nap, Sam was at school, I had a rare minute to myself, and off I went.  Didn’t take long at all last time, just slop the stuff on, wait a couple of minutes, wipe it off and Bob’s your uncle.


Always Read The Instructions

I was ready to go.  But then I realised I’d lost the instructions for mixing up the tint.  “Seemed easy enough last time,” I thought.  “It’ll be fine.”  So I mixed up the tint as best I could, and popped it on, ready to take it off in around two minutes time.


Should have set an alarm.  Or something.  Anything.  The phone rang and I answered it.  I wasn’t on the phone long, but by then my train of thought had left the station, and I thought I’d just put a wash on.  Then George woke up crying, which woke Jess up, and my eyebrows were long forgotten.  Until I caught sight of myself in a mirror HALF A BASTARD HOUR LATER!


I wiped.  I washed.  Then I scrubbed.  I used baby oil.  Then toothpaste.  Then hairspray, nail varnish remover, bicarbonate of soda and a flipping toothbrush!  It would not shift.  I’d put absolutely loads on, and not even in any kind of straight line, just slopped on.  How I didn’t cry I have no idea.  I think I was slightly in shock, I just kept laughing at myself rather hysterically!


I had to leave the house like this.  School run.  Shop.  I even had a full blown conversation with Sam’s teacher about his behaviour.  Lord knows what she must have thought!


People, do not attempt to tint your own eyebrows.  You may end up looking like this.

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