Copywriter for Fashion

Do you need an experienced fashion copywriter in the UK?  I have written extensive web content for fashion and jewellery brands.  This content has included landing pages and product descriptions, as well as onsite and guest blog posts.

As I wrote all my fashion copy for the clients of a digital marketing agency, and not under my own name, I am not able to provide examples of this work.

However, if you’re interested in using me as a fashion copywriter, I will happily write a short sample piece for you.

Below is a case study of one of my most recent fashion clients.

What did the client need?

Whilst working for the digital marketing company mentioned above, I wrote masses of fashion content for several brands. The largest of these was a Muslim fashion company, supplying modest yet stylish clothing for Islamic women.

This brand had little content on their site when I first started writing for them. This was the main reason they were not being found on Google.

What did I do?

As an experienced fashion copywriter, I thoroughly researched the keywords that the brand wanted to be found for.

I then used my findings to create new, keyword-rich content for each of their collections to improve their website’s SEO.

I also wrote a couple of Muslim fashion blogs each month, keeping their followers up to date with current trends and style tips.

What were the results?

This brand got so much work as a direct result of the fashion copywriting improvements to their website that they eventually had more customers than they could handle. They’ve currently put my services on hold until they empl0y enough staff to meet current demands.

Get in touch with an experienced copywriter for fashion

If you’re looking to achieve these same benefits, contact me today to speak about using me as a copywriter for fashion.

You can give me a call on 07821 873 861, or send me a message using my online contact form. I will get back to you within 24 hours.