Copywriter for Handmade Crafts

Do you need a copywriter for handmade crafts?¬† I’m seriously crafty myself, so this is one of my specialist areas. As such, I have written web content for many local craftspeople. My previous happy clients include a lady who sells artisan and handmade goods in Chorley and a seamstress who makes covers for plant pots in Leeds.

Take a look at some of my work for PotCovers on the links below, and read on to find out exactly how my copywriting services helped this client to generate more leads and ultimately boost her sales.

Links to examples of my copywriting for handmade crafts

7 Top Tips for Summer Houseplant Care [Show Your Plants Some Love This Summer].pdf

Pot Covers Home Page.pdf

What was needed?

This client needed to get the word out that her handmade, waterproof plant pot covers existed! We needed to find out the terms that her prospective customers were using to search for her product, and target fresh, new content accordingly.

She also needed someone inventive and good with words to create product descriptions for each of her unique designs.

What did I do?

I researched the best keywords to target to generate traffic to her Shopify site. Once these keywords were established, I wrote regular, engaging blog posts including these keywords. I also wrote quirky and fun product descriptions for each of her plant pot covers, as this was the tone she wanted to set for her brand.

Take a look at some of the product descriptions here.

What were the results?

This lady experienced a huge increase in the number of enquiries about her products, as well as a boost in her sales figures.

Need a copywriter for handmade items?

If you’re looking for a copywriter for handmade items that will help you achieve these same benefits, fill in my contact form today.