Why I built a new copywriting website

When I started my business in 2019, I needed a place to direct my clients, and pronto! I cobbled my freelance copywriting website together pretty sharpish. And, whilst it did the job for a few years, I felt that a new one was in order.

My new copywriting website reflects my brand

My original website was…fun. All bright colours and fancy fonts. But I designed it before I’d really found who I was as a writer, and before I had a true brand identity. I eventually started to feel that I’d outgrown my website and was even mildly embarrassed by it.

No one wants a website that they’re reluctant to direct their clients to. So, I decided to put a serious amount of time and effort into designing a website that reflected who I am now as a writer. I had a lot of help from my husband, who is (as luck would have it) a web developer / digital marketing whizz / all-round techy guy.

My new copywriting website will hopefully attract my preferred clients

My new freelance copywriting website not only represents me better, but also contains more information about previous clients I have worked with and the type of clients I want to attract.

I enjoy working with a variety of clients across a whole range of industries. However, my favourite clients so far have been those in creative, health (both physical and mental), web development and interior design industries. Some of my best work has come from these clients, and I feel that this is where my writing really shines.

I’ve also worked with industries that are worlds away from those mentioned above, though. Scaffolding training companies, electricians, estate agents, dentists, fencing manufacturers and even, more recently, an escort agency have seen the benefits of using my copywriting services. (Yep – that last one was…interesting!) These are just a selection of the many industries I’ve written content for. So, if I haven’t mentioned yours, don’t let this put you off getting in touch!

I needed to improve my copywriting website analytics

It has to be said that my old website’s analytics weren’t great. I’m great at writing content for others, improving their ranking for the search terms they want to be found for. But since I was spending so much time writing for other people, I wasn’t putting much time into keeping my own content up to date. My lack of effort in this area equated to poor numbers of visitors. This consequently led to low numbers of leads from my website.

Whilst I get the vast majority of my work from LinkedIn, I’d like to get more clients through organic traffic. The SEO work that I’ve put into my new copywriting website should attract more clients searching for copywriting services in Wigan and across the UK.

In addition to this, I hadn’t optimised my website particularly for use on mobile phones. However, thanks to the techy skills of my other half, if you’re viewing this content on your mobile, it will hopefully look just as fabulous as it does on my computer monitor!

Want a chat about using me as a copywriter for your business?

Take a look at some of the content I’ve written for previous clients in my copywriting portfolio. I’m going to be adding to it all the time, so watch this space for more examples of my work. I can write in a range of different styles, depending on the tone you’d like for your brand.

So, if you fancy a chat about using me as a copywriter for your business, get in touch today. You can either give me a call on 07821 873 861 or send me a message using my online contact form and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Written by : jo