Tips for Writing Great Persuasive Copy

Being able to write good persuasive copy is essential if you want to sell products or services online.

While great writing is truly an art, if you’re looking to improve your copywriting, you can find a lot of help by looking at behavioural psychology studies.

I’m going to take a look at some amazing studies that have been done in the fields of neuroscience and behavioural psychology. I’ll then show you how you can apply these to produce better copy that’s much more likely to get the results you’re after.

How Mirror Neurons Can Help You Write Persuasive Copy

The first study is about a phenomenon called mirror neurons, and how they affect the human mind.

Imagine you’re watching a game of rugby. (I’m originally from Leigh and grew up in Wigan, obviously it’s rugby league.) Anyway, you’re watching the game, and your team’s prop forward gets body-slammed with a tackle that takes the wind right out of him.  He snaps a rib.


You suck your breath in over your teeth and cringe, hard.

That’s how mirror neurons work. You observe something powerful happening, and transfer some of the feeling to yourself.

These traits have been biologically necessary throughout evolution, to invoke empathy for other people.

The majority of research about mirror neurons has been focused on literal observation. However, great writers can also convey strong emotions through words.

What Keeps Your Reader Up At Night?

When crafting copy that compels your reader to action, you have to understand what makes them tick. What problems keep them up at night? If you’re not writing about something they care about, they’re unlikely to pay any attention to your copy, no matter how well written or persuasive it may be. You have to speak to a feeling that’s already there, not try to force one on your reader.

For example, if you’re selling business coaching that helps SMEs to grow their business, who is your target client?   You need to speak to people who feel lost in the business world and whose businesses have become stagnant. If the person you’re speaking to doesn’t already feel these emotions, they’re not your target client.

Getting in front of your target client and giving them answers to their problems is the biggest part of the battle.  After that, you can let the persuasive, well-written content and those mirror neurons take over!

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