Another little anecdote here from my personal life. Don’t read on if you’re of a delicate disposition!


“There’s poo in my bedroom again!”


Our rescue dog shits upstairs if you leave the stair gate open. No idea why, some kind of anxiety thing perhaps. The eldest has a habit of leaving it open.


“Ohhhhhh….Is that what’s on my tights?”


I didn’t want to look. My daughter’s best friend, aged 5, had trampled dog poo all over the house.


I was expecting an important copywriting related phone call. I hurriedly began to clean the carpet, whilst trying in vain to convince little Olivia to borrow a pair of my daughter’s tights. Retching all the while, I battled with the youngest over why he couldn’t help, and why I couldn’t give him a biscuit/Peppa Pig/daddy at that particular moment. The screaming that ensued could be heard all over Chorley.


Five minutes earlier I had been so prepared, so organised for this phone call. The timing couldn’t have been worse.


The phone began to ring. I answered, with a stinky cloth in one hand and the toddler in the other.

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On a side note, if you need copywriting for childcare services, I’m clearly your girl. Give me a call on 07821 873 861 or send me a message and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Just ignore the screaming in the background…


Written by : jo