Did you know that when someone visits your website and reads a product description for one of your lovely handmade products, you only have between a one and eight percent chance of them actually buying that product?

If you sell your crafts and art online, you may notice that you are not converting a large amount of your website traffic into sales.  Your sale conversion rate will improve if you write better descriptions that will really sell your products.

Copywriting for handmade crafts is one of my specialities. When I write product copy for my customers, I emphasise the value of the product, make the reader want to buy it, and end with a call to action to secure the sale.

What kind of crafts do I write content for?

I can write copy for absolutely any kind of craft or art products, whether it’s landing page content, product descriptions or blog posts you’re after. I enjoy a range of different crafts myself, including needle felting, knitting, crochet and painting wall murals. This means that I truly appreciate the time and love that you have put into each handmade piece, and convey this in my writing.

An Example of Copywriting for Handmade Crafts

The photo in this blog post is of a fairy that I made for the top of my Christmas tree. Isn’t she beautiful? If I were to sell her (which I’m definitely not, she’s all mine!) then I would write the following:

This one-of-a-kind, sweet little fairy (approx. 20 cm) was felted lovingly by hand from the highest quality wool. This wool is rumoured to have been sheared by pixies from winged sheep, which are only found very deep in the fairy forest.

A beautiful eye-catcher for any child’s room or a special ornament for your Christmas tree, this needle-felted fairy is a guaranteed talking point; everyone will want one for their home.

I can create bespoke fairies and angels, tailored to your exact specifications. You can choose the size, colour of dress and hair, and any other details you would like. For a bespoke fairy of your very own, fill in the contact form and the gnomes will get back to you shortly.

Yes, okay, it’s a bit bonkers, but it caught your attention, didn’t it? You could follow this up by sending your product with a note from fairy-folk, or something similar. This will lead to people recommending your service, and further customers. It’s all about the little touches (and the keywords)!

Get in touch to chat about copywriting for handmade crafts

I don’t always write such crazy copy, but it is my favourite kind! Interested in this, or perhaps something a little more sensible?  If so, fill in the contact form and we’ll have a chat.

Written by : jo