Have you ever drawn a total blank when it comes to thinking up a snappy headline or an idea for a brilliant blog? Avoid writer’s block and always have ideas for content ready for any occasion by creating a swipe file.

What is a swipe file and how can it help me avoid writer’s block?

A swipe file is a folder where you keep reminders of all the best marketing ideas you’ve encountered over the years. Whether it’s a digital or physical folder, you can think of it like a professional scrapbook for future marketing inspiration.

The idea is definitely not to plagiarise by any means, but to use amazing ideas from other companies as motivation and guidance for your own work.

The likelihood is that if something catches your attention, it will also capture the attention of others. However, you should only attempt to imitate the style if it will be interesting to your target audience.  What may be appealing to you may not be to your client base.

How to organise it.

You’ll ultimately need to be able to find the help you need quickly and efficiently. Creating multiple folders for headlines, video marketing, email ideas, social media posts etc is a great way to do this.  Alternatively, if you’re writing for multiple industries, you could choose to group them according to industry or niche.

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Written by : jo