I usually write copywriting related posts, but once in a while I’ll treat you to an anecdote from my personal life. Spoiler – it’ll usually be about the kids. Here’s one from a few years ago!

As usual, the first thing I did when I saw George’s smiling little face peeping through the nursery door at home time was to check he was wearing the same pants. I do this, as it is a clear indication that he has not pissed himself.

As he was, indeed, in the same trousers I had dressed him in that morning, I celebrated this small victory in my head. I think I may have jumped the gun.

“Can we have a word?” The dreaded words came from George’s teacher, and I stepped inside, expecting the worst. He clearly hadn’t wet himself, so what was it? He was going through a stage of being quite boisterous. Had he hit another child or just been a bit disruptive? I’m such a worrier, and my mind immediately went into overdrive.

The teacher began to explain. “So, George was in the toilet earlier, and he did a poo. He took off his pants, undies and socks, instead of just pulling them down…”

“Well that’s pretty standard,” I thought.

She wasn’t done.

“He then came out of the toilets into the hall with nothing on his bottom half.”

“Erm, right.”

“Then he opened the door to the hall, where the whole school were eating their lunch. Erm… and he ran around the lunch hall swinging his pants round his head, shouting, ‘Bum-bum!'”

Oh George.

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